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Gr8 game, but i have'nt played in a while and i forgot how to press "start" on keyboard, help Plz

I like the game, however, I think it would be cool to add maps, along with game options such as how many rounds there are and such. :)

Oh my god this game was awesome I loved the combat system. I did not expect to be hit in the feels like that. Especially on the tie they are the only frogs left and they still resort to killing each other man it's so sad.

Can you use 3 players at one keyboard

Is the game still being updated?

This game has a suprising amount of depth lmao. Please keep updating

Can you export the apk through unity for this? I wanna plug in an Xbox controller to my phone and play it.

Can we please get some form of onlne? Even if it is hamachi or something

What do I do in the secret room if you tie? I have already managed to get my frog out of the bunker. There is nothing ;-;

You have to knock the other frog out the top :O

best game... even surpasses triple A online shooters(and i love those).//things for improvement: mention keyboard controls in the game itself. more levels.level maker.

this game is amazing, i love it,.


Is this game still being developed? It is a ton of fun and I would like to see it continue being developed!


i luv frigs chuuuuuuuu



Very good for a mumtiplayer games

This game is so fun! Great style, great sound, great gameplay. Keep updating and working on it!!

Fun Game

Pink frog is OP.


The game is very good but it lacks some settings like for example of keyboard and mode to play in lan, with that the game would be perfect.

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Can you post this with open souce I'd love to change somethings and improve anothers, or update the game :D

This game is awesome good job

I'd have to ask my collaborators! What would you like to change

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like Menu, more maps, history mode, more customization, team and a lot of another stufs.

The thing I have troubles is the key bindings

There actually used to be a team mode in the game! Unfortunately I don't think my collaborators will be happy for me to release this as open source, sorry :(

try to update the game :D

it would be awesome 

Hey guys totally agree with Push on this one.

Also more types of frogs, maybe?

Perhaps coop where you'd have boss stages, like this one  [FROG BOSS]

Anyways thanks for this, been procastinating for hours at work, nonstop.

Liked The Secret Map Where If Tie With your Opponent

maybe add in bots or basic LAN multiplayer, other than that it's one of the best games I've ever played.


Love the animations and SFX, also the game is fun, nice job !

Had a blast playing this with some friends! Controls brilliantly and the scoring system brings a surprising amount of strategy. 10/10 would smash again. 


Last game I expected to have E3 Coverage.

Well, this game sure is getting some coverage.

nice game, love smashing the other frogs with my bat

Awww Yisss, da bes game :)

If only I had friends to play with :'(

Guess they are all just busy with life ^-^

juguemos entonces!

The controls and game feel are great! The frog animations are also pretty rad! <3