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also no offense but oes the creator of this game replies to the comments? Like everyday or something

hi can you make a computer version, so people like us don't have to go to all this trouble of buying and all those things just to play this game. BTW watched some YouTube vids of this game and it looks really cool. ;

I don't see any way this game can work without VR.

why? like computer wasd and then left click mouse to swing right to pick up stuff etc

I have no idea how this game would be anyway near as fun if it weren't in VR. VR is essentially the foundation of this game.

Esentially he doesn't mean Fun he means availability of the game,Not everyone can get or has Vr.

Here's a gameplay video I just threw up on my channel after the recent update:

Let me know what you think friends :D I freaking love this game!

Why is this game runs below 90 fps on an GTX 980 Ti/ i7 5960x rig?

I've seen other footage that seems that the game runs 90 fps fine, so I have no idea what's wrong on my end. I have to use reprojection to play Gorn, at least the current version.


The game is quite poorly optimised, but it should be running smoothly on your rig. No idea without being able to check myself unfortunately :/

The game is usually CPU limited though.

Deleted post

only thing i can think of is to force my CPU to run at full 4 ghz speed through Power Options, and see if this makes any difference.

Then again, this game is still in prototype/non-optimized stage anyway as you said. Will see if forced 4 ghz constant on CPU will do anything.

Very entertaining game, I must admit, and really good controls and graphics as well! thumbs up to the developers :) I have made a cool Mixed Reality gameplay of Gorn VR, check it out:

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like i said 2 other times: i love this game! but i have two questions:

  1. How did you get that wiggly effects like ich the enemy would like to Punch you and
  2. how did you get that dismemberment? it looks really cool!

not sure what wobbly effect you are talking about? The way they wiggle their hands right before the attack starts is kinda a glitch, extra forces get applied to the limbs during an attack animation and it causes the fists to overshoot their target in the pullback phase.

The dismemberment is based off this Unity script I found: but with quite a few optimisations and fixes.

Thanks for the love! Hope the game will get even better!

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if this is a glitch, let it in! it Looks freakin awesome!

i know i annoy you with my questions, but where did you learn to script something with unity or better where did you learn to do something with unity i only know the Basics like creating a Player or giving objects physics

I've been making games my whole life, just watch tutorials and put in the time. Practice practice practice!

I'm loving GORN! Are you planning on adding a way to skip the tutorial? I'd love to be able to jump straight in to random enemies and weapons.

The eventual steam version will hopefully have a proper structure and not just be an arbitrary set of levels.

and hopefully a Version without vr too?

that wouldn't be possible with how the game works

nah. not everyone has 900€ for vr...

It would be possible but the controls would need to be completely remade.

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Hey Raithza, love the new update. Its loads of fun! The only problems that I've encountered so far is that its a bit laggy and that the new two handed weapons are a bit hard to use. Other than that, its an awesome update.

Thank you! What are the specs of your machine?

I've only got a 970 right now so I've come to expect lag in vr games. I'm getting a titan xp in about a month, so i'll let you know how it runs on that.

Raithza, GORN is such a blast. This has become one of my goto titles when I introduce people to VR. It's also some of the most fun I've had with the Vive yet. I ran into a bizzare issue yesterday, just wondering if you can shed some light.

I had a friend playing the game for the first time, and while playing two things occurred I've never noticed before:

1) At one point, there was a floating console window open above one of the hands with some text written to it. After dying, the transparent console box disappeared.
2) While completing the bow&arrow tutorial round, something caused the entire game to become pixelated, and it stayed that way. I exit GORN and the SteamVR menus are clear and work normally. When I relaunch the game and look at the TV display (not the HMD) the game and text are all blurry/pixelated.

Any ideas as to what might of happened here? Is there a button combination that causes this? Thanks again for all of your hard work!

The first issue is due you pressed the menu button (the one upper the big circle).

Was it pixelated in the VR view or just the window? I have no idea tbh!

How do I run the game on my HTC Vive?

1) Download & Extract GORN to a folder where you can easily find it.
2) Load up Steam VR, setup your room space if need be.
3) Once you have Steam VR loaded, open GORN.exe from the GORN directory, the game should launch in VR.

Amazing game, love the satisfaction it gives you when you slice someone's head off or punch them to death, but when you grab them while they're alive you can't bring them up to your face which kinda bugs me. Other than that, amazing game, probably one of the most fun games on the Vive right now.

Thanks !

Hi, Raithza.

i wanted to ask if you could give me a tip on how to turn off the enourmous blood amounts.

Also i wanted to ask you if u dont mind if i make some translations.

No way to turn off or alter the blood I'm afraid. One day when I make a proper release on Steam I'll add a reduced violence option!

I just hope you give those Gladiators some clothes. It is really awkward to play this when parents are around :|


Did you download the latest version? They sometimes have underpants on now. I really hope to have the first wedgie engine for a VR game.

No I haven't tried last version, didn't know there was such update. I think I'll use it next time, at least sometimes is better than never.

Also, wedgie.. engine... English is not my native language, so I had to google it. I think I got what you mean, and yeah that is very important, while everyone is trying to find a solution to something useless as motion sickness, you have got your priorities absolutely RIGHT! :D

did you know that gladiators didnt wear clothes just underwear.. well sometimes


This game is awesome!! I like it a lot!! Also, I invited my friends and we laught a lot!!

I want to recommend you some thing to improve your game, that maybe you have planned to add, but I want to be sure you have these things in your mind.

The first one is maybe adding some maps you can choose, like a volcano map or something, in which you have to fight in a bridge over the volcano. That would be cool :D.

The second one is adding a menu in where you can choose who are you going to fight, how many people are you fighting, the armor level of them, the weapons you have and your life.

One weapon you could add, if you want, is a boom. Lol

And finally, set blood or not. I think this option could be good, for example, if you want to share it with your family, for making them not to be in a distasteful environment, because the game is very funny.

You have done a really good game, and I think that your ideas and the community can make it better.

Good job! :D

I definitely have plans for most of those things!

are you planning to make a Version for those who dont have a vive or something like this?

How would you play the game without roomscale VR?

scripted movments of the Player like punching? i dont know if you could make this but it would be super nice!

No it would be super stupid, either buy a Vive or stop looking at Vive games.

What good news! I am anxious!! :D

i didn't played it yet because i don't have a htc vive or something like this, but i love those games! Great work!

My arms are already sore and I smacked the wall once. What a great game. Love the weirdness, rubby leg guys, random laughter in the background, arms up to start, gore - This game could go over the top with that with blood and limbs going all over. Maybe a little less rubberiness in the spear and hammer. Thanks for the game. +1

It is normal that I have frame drops with 980 Ti and 6700k ? When I smash someone's head for example I get these frame drops.

Yes, all the procedural bruising and dismemberment and blood painting can be a bit taxing. How bad was it for you? In the final version I'll have some quality options.

Maybe 50-60fps framedrops

Any way to get previous version of the game, where it's only melee and where you can grab ennemies while they're alive ? Please ?


Current version has grabbing, but I consider it cheating :P

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OMG my dreams came real. Thank you. *o*

here's me playing :P weapons was too easy though

Hey there. This game seems really cool! I am currently making a game myself in Unity, and I was wondering how you made the mace chain (it's really awesome). I do wonder how you made quit a lot of other things as well, but I'mma keep it at this hehe ^^

Thank you in advance ^^

hey! It's just a series of hinge joints. If you google rope or chain physics in unity you will find lots of examples.

Hello I have downloaded your game and I am amazed I could not stop laughing. I bought a vive about 2 months ago at is great. It is so great that I am wanting to create a small game myself. I am not trying to overwhelm my self. I am new to coding in unity and only after 2 weeks I am understanding something but still feel lost. Looking at your game it made me think that I can make something small for now that I do not kill myself with work, I am also trying to learn blender but I prob want to stick with unity so I make something move. I do not know where to begin. I would about getting some free assets and trying to grab stuff and throw stuff, Your game inspitred me to like gorn idea but different but do not know where to start. If you have any advice it would mean a lot thanks. Did you make all the models? it the cutting up animations sorry I am trying to figure this out. So that I may learn thanks you .

Hey, thanks for the comment, glad you like the game!

Learning unity is easy, but getting good at it takes a long time. Gorn is not that simple to make as everything is physics driven, and especially the cutting apart of meshes will be tricky if you are a newcomer. If you want to get an idea of how it works, you can play with this project: which was made by a coworker of mine and is based off similar principles.

Thanks for replying i really like Gorn. i have been learning unity for three weeks. And also some youtube for coding. And i want to do this for Vr that is what blew me away. It is not easy to get my head wrapped around coding. How long did it take you to get your head around coding? its been kinda frustrating since i want to create somthing and cant. What kind of small vr game should i do to wrap my head around it? Anyway keep up the fantastic work. The heads remind me of a chatator in quake 3. Please what would you advice a new comer to this thanks

It's better to be patient and to enjoy the learning process than to be frustrated about what you can and can't do right now. I've been coding since I was a kid but you can learn enough to get by in Unity in a few months.

I would suggest you start making a few small games outside of VR first and then move on to VR when you're a bit more comfortable with unity.

Thanks for your info. I have been just leaning from the website of unity and taking it easy and little by little i am understanding a little more. not enough to just write code out of my head but to understand a little of what it means i understood it is going to take some time. i am trying to have fun with it. I am late to the game for coding but its cool . thanks

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This was amazing! Thanks!

Is there some injection for the mixed reality or how did you do the camera angle change? That's awesome though!

just played GORN for 90 straight minutes. I actually think it is now in my top three. I'd say xortex26xx, the GORN, then space pirate trainer are my favorite ones to play for extending periods of time. I think once you implement a point system before u raise ur hands to start next wave, it would be awesome if you can throw the weapons and body parts at the lil heads in the audience and when u hit one of them you get additional points. Also maybe having enemies of a couple different sizes and after every 10 waves maybe toss in a boss that has a mask and some armor u need to knock off before you can slice and dice the enemy up into pieces. And other than the bow and arrow , some throwing stars or knives and some tomahawks would be cool to attack with before they get in close. Best of luck and I look forward to playing some more tomorrow.


Thanks for the feedback! I'd love to do more enemies and there are already some other throwing-type weapons in the game!

Your welcome. Still play for nearly an hour everyday. A was thinking even a timer option where u have a countdown to kill the enemies would add some anxiety to the game and add some strategy too.

Your welcome. Still play for nearly an hour everyday. A was thinking even a timer option where u have a countdown to kill the enemies would add some anxiety to the game and add some strategy too.

OMG, the game surely blow up my mind! How isn't it on greenlight yet?!

I'm a indie English -> Chinese translator, and i want to support the game by offering you guys a free translation! Contact me if you guys are interested!

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This game is so awesome that I nearly broke my Vive controller

Sweet! I'm giving a free steam code to anyone who sends me pics/videos if controller damage once the game comes out.

I also created an account here to say how impressed I am with this game! I've tried most VR sword games and this is the most immersive and fun one I have come across yet!!!

The physics based combat is truly the most accurate and best feeling combat system i've seen yet! I really hope you are working on updates for this game because you would be the first on the steam market with this kind of combat and I know lots of people (me included) would pay good money for it.

Would love to hear about updates for it (and I know the community would love to follow it too).

Some feedback:

1. Chopping is fun!!!! Grabbing enemy weapons when all you have is fists and pulling them to you is FUN!!! Great assortment of weapons!

2. A basic menu would be nice.

3. Unlock/Leveling/Shop system would be fun! Maybe only start out each round with fists and as you kill waves you get a little gold to spend and unlock a dagger at first and then sword/shield etc. that you start with (choose your loadout before starting a set of rounds?) If you die you lose some money (10%)?

4. New enemies? Dogs or flying types?

5. Locomotion system?

Super excited to see where this will go in the future!

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm aiming towards having the game on steam hopefully even sometime this year. I'll address all the obvious missing stuff before that goes live (e.g. interface). I also have a couple ideas for the meta-game (unlocks etc).

Node brought me here. Very excited to try this out and see where development goes!

Can You Please Make A Version Without Vive? And Thanks!

The game won't really work without VR :(


Best VR game I've ever played! <3 :)

Stay Rad Everybody!

Did you just delete your other post and then repost it here so it's bumped >:(

This is without a doubt the best melee combat I've used on the VIVE so far. I would love to see this developed further (will be donating as soon as I fix up some funds)

Thanks, appreciate it! No need to donate I'm already capable of working on this full time, just buy when its on steam :)

Appreciate the openess, I'll be picking it up for sure

Anywhere I can follow news about the game?

Best is to follow me on twiiter @rrza

Though I do need to come up with a better plan..

Node playing this ;),

cant get it to work with htc vive

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Had a ton of fun with this. Got stuck trying to beat the shielded enemy with the bow and arrow. Couldnt seem to take him down and had to stop because i keep getting killed


Aim at the feet xD

awesome game!!! Great job! Would love to see a points base system or if it kept track of how many rounds you can survive without dying. Different enemies with different abilities would be great too

Awesome game and really addictive, it reminds me of an old game called Die By The Sword from 1998, you had to actually swing your mouse from side to side to swing your sword, the controls were super weird but it was still fun, your game is much easier to use:

If you could do something similar to this (but obviously in first person) that is a mix between Onward and Die By The Sword with the same goofy humor you've put into Gorn, I could see it being really successful. I think Gorn will still be popular either way though.


Die by the sword is definitely an influence! VSIM ftw!

Constructive criticism here because I want this to end up being a great and successful game

First off, the chopping off of limbs and slicing the heads in half or just shaving the top off depending on the sword swing is awesome! I also liked swinging the morningstar around and getting momentum and hearing the whooshing sounds increase as I got it going.

What needs fixing - while physics based movement is awesome (I have no idea how you got that working) it seems to trip up the enemies more than it lets them walk. I saw a bunch of times they could barely walk because they were literally tripping over their own legs.

Picking up the sword needs to be fixed, it has a weird angle when you grab it. may be best to have the angle it is in your hand correspond to its and your hands orientation when you pick it up.

What did you use to make this game? Unity?

Thanks for the feedback!

Getting the physics to work is a long,slow, incremental process. They are always going to suck a little, but hopefully they can be competent enough to be a challenge and I can leverage the incompetence for humor. There are a few games out there where people are trying similar things, I might do a blog post sometime explaining the methods but it's it is really quite simple.

This is made in Unity.

Deleted post

This is really one of the most immersive things iv done in my vive so far. However i woudl realy like to try moving around in the arena.

Raihtza, any way you could thrown in some basic locomotions? Would love to see how it plays with touchpad and dash teleport.

I haven't really seen a locomotion method I like, so I'm more interested in getting the game to work without locomotion. I might experiment with something like home improvement's blur sprint method.

Might I recommend the "throw ball" teleportation like budget cuts. That seems to have the best balancing for emergency movement. Insta-click-port feels like cheating, and the same would go for blur sprinting (also one of the sickening ones)

I'd rather have no locomotion than teleportation I think.

Fair enough, I enjoy not having ingame locomotion and rather relying on my own floorspace (2.3m x 1.8m for me) and plays really well with that.

I can see issues with people who don't have that, but 2x2 seems to be the standard

Also adds a good element of danger and urgency by not being able to run away

Deleted post

Ha, awesome video, thanks for playing!

Thank You for making it! :) It sure was fun! :D


Created an account just to say you've made an amazingly fun and visceral game. Please keep going with Gorn!


Your game is amazing and I want you to make more of it.

Thanks! I will!

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