A downloadable game for Windows

GORN is a ludicrously violent, fully physics based VR Gladiator simulator for the HTC Vive.

The version here is an early prototype. The fuller version of the game is available on Steam Early Access at www.gornvr.com  . The full version features more polish, more weapons, a campaign, literal eyepopping and better gameplay.

I'd like to thank the itch.io community for the support and help in making GORN - without you guys it definitely would not be possible. I hope the final version lives up to everyone's expectations!


GORN.zip 135 MB


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to bad there's no oculus quest one  

how do you move on oculus rift s?

You have to press down on the thumbsticks and then move your hands around. This version really sucks and on the steam/oculus store paid version it lets you just move around normally 

i got the paid version

does it work for vive cosmos it did not work for me on steam


Too bad there's no version for Oculus Quest .. 

I made an account just to help you Email me at rockstarkid661@gmail.com if you have a decent PC and i can show you how i play pc games on my quest


I know about it. But I was talking about a quest specific version :) Cause Virtual Desktop and the likes just ain't quite cutting it. GORN on a Vive is something different. But thanks for the offer.


how do you move

hold track pad and drag your self



I think I can agree with him

BUT, that defies the purpose. 

It's a physics-based game, so it's better off in VR.

oculus maximus 2019


lol this is $14 on steam.


its an earlier version. the steam version is definitely better


You dunce.

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This is an earlier version which was last updated back in July of 2017, the one on steam however, was last updated only a month ago.



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Hi developers, I know it may not be possible but could you make a version of this game for the Samsung gear VR? I ask because not everyone can afford the more expensive VR setups and I am sure many people would love to play it including me on my youtube channel.  I would be happy to test it for you if you can make a compatible version :)


they dont work on this version anymore, they have a steam version.  heres better places to contact them for suggestions:




Maybe on quest but Oculus doesn't seem to want much violence on there.

This game is PC Powered, and plus I doubt they will ever code a gearVR integration on a free version. Buy the full game, find out.

Hello developers!
Can-you add quick opponents? Just slow too easy!
Will you also add any super attacks? For example, made a move with a certain weapon, for example: Jump and kick down, there will be a shock wave.
Oh, and my hope, will there be magic?). Fire> Fireball; Ice> Frozen; Wind> Telekinesis; Earth> Walls.
I said everything, thanks for reading.

In the steam version there is a nightmare mode where the opponents move like sonic

This is a free version, if you get the latest version on steam it has a campaign, custom hands etc.


can I use hp mixed reality headset with this? Or is it only Vive? Setting up headset for 1st time & idk if I can use with this? Thanks

It should work for both. I have the exact same headset as you. I'm not too sure but I believe it uses the SteamVR app to work. On Steam you can download drivers to make it work with SteamVR. 

uuhhmmm this is a dump question buttt... how do i open it

turn on steam vr, go to wherever you downloaded and extracted the file and double click the .exe


i would like to report a bug

so it works and all, but the moving doesnt work. i have an oculus so can someone help me with this one.

press the joysticks. if on steam like me press the y and b buttons think. and try all controls

On Oculus, use the lower two buttons to move

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I played this and subsequently bought the Steam version.  The Steam version has better physics but this version has a better spectator crowd in the bleachers and I like the laughter better, too.  What happened that they were turned into simple heads?


Game ruins VR, whenever I play any other game I just remember it's not this game.


the game sucks? well sorry to disspoint but its great


I don't think you understand


i understand because i know its a stupid demo but if you want something better GET SOME STUPID MONEY FOR YOUR POOR ASS AND BUY THE STEAM VERSION


The joke was that it is the best VR game.


Psst he means it's too good


You store money in your ass? Damn it! I've been doing this wrong all along!

I haven't

I saw on youtube  CUSTOM MATCH that you can set gravity ,buger head etc...and when i go down its not there,,,i tallk on steam verzion

you have to finish the game first

no you actully have to defeat all champions then go into endless then get at least 25 kills

this game is the worst game  stop its not

Hey Raithza. Ive been watching gorn develope over the the past year and a bit, and i want to say that it is by far oke of the best VR games out there!

The graphics physics and controls are all just amazing!

I only have one problem with the game, which i know many others have too. I understand that gorn is meant to be a violent game, but for my younger brother, i think the blood is just a little too extreme. I understand there is piniata mode, but can you please add a setting for reduced blood/gore? 

Thankyou for the amazing game!


What's wrong with pinata mode? that's the entire point of it :)

You have piniata mode so that your brother can play,,when you punch its candy not blood so i dont see point to reduce blood,just put on piniata mode when brother play and again switch when you play ,,its so easy.

 Don't ask for updates on a free version... Just... don't...

Can you make a mac version?

I've seen videos on the game its is super fun looking but I have a request can you make it OSX Compatible please

First, how would they make version for mac, actually i just saw the apple beta program so it can do vr and shit, so im wrong your right. MAC VERSION PLZZZ

Video: 1st and 3rd person Bo Staff gameplay, new Champion + more

I love watching this game grow. Seems to get more violent every update, which I didn't think was possible. HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?! And where does it end...? o_o

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I've been watching this game since it's first initial posting here around 3-4 years ago, A year or so ago, and I gotta say Raithza, you've made one of the most addictive VR games out there. 

pretttttty sure the game isn't much older than a year but thanks man! :D

I guess it has only been a year. I must have lost track of time playing this wonderful game.

So does this version involve the new update with the champions and whatnot

The version here is an early prototype. The fuller version of the game is available on Steam Early Access at www.gornvr.com  . The full version features more polish, more weapons, a campaign, literal eyepopping and better gameplay.

A new update rolled out that brings us the FIFTH champion! Unfortunately the visual assets haven't been updated yet, but with the new champion comes a new shield. Looking forward to seeing what he actually looks like when he's updated!

G'day fellas :) Some of you may not be aware, but a Royal Rumble Mode was added to the game last week. We now finally have a mode where all the gladiators will battle with each other, instead of just targeting you!

will this game come for psvr TELL ME YES......PLZ




is it bad that im saving up for a vr headset and downloaded this game anyway without the headset xD, anyone want to recommend which vr i get, i need one with touch to play this game CX ty

I'm loving it on the HTC Vive so far, the roomscale really does help with immersion and the ability to smash in skulls :D

Definetly the Vive. Look on Ebay too, that's where I got mine and saved about $300. Plus any Oculos(Oculus?) games you buy, you can use a program called ReVive to run it on the Vive. Can't do that with Oculos.


Wondering how i explain to house insurance how I smashed up the lounge room playing a VR game.. heeheehee.. LOVE IT.. 

And the most recent update from today, now brings a Royal Rumble mode to the custom game options menu!! This is easily one of the best additions to Gorn in a very, very long time. Now it's every man for himself!!

G'day guys :) I forgot to post this here a couple of days ago, but more updates were rolled out to the game's physics, as well as various other fixes and changes. Those of you that don't own the game yet can check out those changes here.


G'day again, fellas :) Looks like we've got some more updates!! As of yesterday, the arena has been reworked again to make it look even more awesome than it already does. Some changes were also rolled out to adjust the way that physics work inside of the arena, making it easier to hit gladiators for a home run, up and out of the arena :p


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Please stop asking questions or update's on here.

There won't be any updates here (probably)

If you want more content buy it from Steam, they are not going to put this much content for free. This is a demo from now on.

More info of the updates are on Steam.


is this coming to psvr


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What's the difference between this and the paid version on Steam? 

how do i get the undead update on gorn

If you right click on properties in steam and go to betas it should say experimental then go on that and get over 30 kills in endless mode and use the elavator and go down until you see more options

Saving up enough money for an Oculus Touch+Rift, I watch JoshDub play this, and I was wondering if it's for the touch as well?

I have heard people that owns the Oculus Touch saying that worked fine on their devices. Also, raithza, the author of the game, said that he just owned the Vive, so he could not officially say that it's compatible with Oculus, but also said that people that owns the Oculus don't have problems playing this game.

I hope this can help you! :3

its compatible with oculus

ye bro if u look on steam it says vive and oculus touch compatible :D

im also saving up for a vr headset , hopefully this time next year i will have enough, im 14 so it quite difficult getting money but i am getting around 10 pound each week for chores and shit :D

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