A downloadable game for Windows

GORN is a ludicrously violent, fully physics based VR Gladiator simulator for the HTC Vive.

The version here is a very early prototype - not even a demo! The complete version of the game is available on Steam at www.gornvr.com  . The full version features more polish, more weapons, a campaign, literal eyepopping and better gameplay.

I'd like to thank the itch.io community for the support and help in making GORN - without you guys it definitely would not be possible. I hope the final version lives up to everyone's expectations!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(109 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Fighting
Tagsgladiator, Physics, Violent, Virtual Reality (VR), vive
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsHTC Vive


GORN.zip 135 MB


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i cant see nothing but the ground and i cant move or move my camera 


its a VR game


well of course but i am playing on computer 


bro, its a VR only game, you need a vr headset, lol


are you slow?


you idiot you need a headset 


hello raithza I Hope you are well. We saw, frogsmashers, and my Unboared team loves your game. 

If we offer you to give your game a second life with our technology; play without a console with just your mobile phone as a controller and your television as a support !

In addition to our technology, we week to highlight the creativity of our independent developer partners.

We would be happy to tell you a little more

If you are interested, do not send us your email or other to discuss with our founder.

See you soon, I hope !!!

Aurore Defosse Unboared team


do you think you can add a oculus download? please???

if you have a pc you can just launch the game through quest link and it will automatically open as a vr app on the headset


Every Time I load up the game it crashes, can someone help me. I just want to play an earlier of gorn

It works on the oculus quest 2 if its on steam  vr


gorn?More like po-

I'm sorry this is actually a good game I just had to make that joke


I would of made that joke as well


For everyone seeing this, this only works on HTC Vive. If you want the full actual game buy it on steam or the oculus store.

Just so you know I can play this on my Oculus Rift S


do i get this for free


its like a demo


Not even, its a early prototype.


anybody got the apk file for this


Its a vr game...

Deleted 86 days ago

Oh yeah I forgot about that. Im dumb, I've used sidequest before so idk why i didn't think of that.


You can get the APK here: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3349689215139117/

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For me, it doesn't even show me the picture. I can just hear it through my oculus quest 2 and see from my PC + it's not moving. Is it because it says "Input: HTC Vive" and I'm from a quest or am I doing something wrong 

Yes, it is HTC Vive only. If you want the quest 2 supported version buy it on the store. This is only a prototype so buying the full game is worth it.


how do i play


i cant moove


what headset are you using?

i also cant move and im on an oculus 

Oculus Quest?


AirLink, Link Cable or Virtual Desktop?

Great fun to play I almost crashed my controllers :D


Does it work without VR



Oh that's just great I wish I had a new update saying no VR version 

yea, you can only play it on vr lol


how the duck do i play


vr only

game keeps crashing

clearly u didnt read the description @AcranedTheSock


Is this piracy because it cost money in the Oculus shop..

hey gamer this is a prototype from 2016, its not the final version of the game. it doesnt have all the polish and features and everything in the full version. try reading the description

no this is just the game before it was on the oculus store


Hey How to play this? Where is the menu? 

vr only

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The screenshots and GIF here are making me momentarily consider the idea of ordering a VR set.


a historical artefact


Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android??




Is this game playable without VR? Or does it only play in VR?



Deleted 2 years ago

how would you use your hands if you weren't playing in vr?

YES how

u dont


its vr only



They're not "vr goggles" you twit



Hey I just got the game on the oculus quest and am so grateful to get to play it after watching youtubers play it I'm also very happy for you guys as I am pretty sure I remember reading something about us over estimating your abilities so well done.


Thank you :)


When is the Oculus version out?

this is version 1 lol

it already is out


what the- why is it on itch.io?


its a piece of the games history

For those concerned about it being a virus don't be it does work. This is actually the first time I have played GORN and it is a lot of fun! Made me excited to play the full game! For a game that's "a very early prototype - not even a demo" it sure does have a fair bit of stuff to do in it! I would personally call it a demo haha but that's not important. :P Fun game!


Could you make this download for Android please


you need controllers for this game so no, he prob wont


Well, technically, the Quest is an android device and it's coming out there on the 28th so


kinda, but the guy is talking about phone vr


I don't think so


well, he's saying "Could you make this download for Android?" if he was talking about an actual headset he would be saying "Could you make this download for Oculus Quest?"


please make a pc version without VR if there isnt already


you literally can't play vr games without a vr headset you need to have the headset and controllers to move your hands. how would you use your hands if you were playing on pc?? lmaoo

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i mean a version where you can use the mouse to move the hands or something you jerk


sorry i wasn't trying to be a jerk. ;-;  but also im wondering, you have two hands in the game how would you use the other one if you are using a mouse?

vr vs pc is like 2d vs 3d. ULTRAKILL wouldnt work as a top down or sidescrolling game, it needs to be 3d. GORN wouldnt work with a mouse and keyboard. they are fundamentally different.


Plzzzz do download for android plzzzzzz


Episode 2 is out now! Floor 2 takes EVERYTHING to another level! Badgermancer's and Giants are just the beginning. I'm sure more is to ensue!


MY FAVORITE VR GAME by far! First floor is nothing but a gory challenge to rid of all that inward anger towards your step father! Therapeutic!

How to play this ALPHA Version of Gorn on the Oculus Quest:


Step 1, Get a USB C port or use the normal Oculus thingy.

Step 2, Turn on the Quest

Step 3, Go into Oculus Link

Step 4, Open Gorn on your PC

Step 5, Go back onto your Quest and wait for the game to load

Step 6, Have fun and enjoy!

Deleted 351 days ago
Deleted 351 days ago
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Now this worked problem is I couldnt move

Edit: K i relieased how to move and it kinda sucks so I have to make another station room

How I Play it on Oculus Quest


how do you use the link for the quest


look up a youtube video dumbass


how do i use the link to download on oculus quest


look up a youtube video dumbass

the very project and the only one worth it for VR probably

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