A downloadable game for Windows

This is a very early prototype of my physics based VR gladiator brawler, working title GORN. You'll need a Vive to play it. Lots of placeholder stuff and lots of jank but you should be able to get an idea of what the game is about.

I really appreciate all forms of feedback, even (especially!) if you didn't like it, so please let me know what you think: @rrza on twitter, or leave a comment here.

The game isn't quite ready for me to make a trailer, but here is a video on youtube of someone playing to give you an idea:

If you want to make a video of yourself playing this, please go ahead I really appreciate it, I'd just also really appreciate it if you mention that the game is a pre-alpha tech demo that is in no way representative of the final game's quality :)

If you would like to keep up with development of the game, you can either follow me on twitter: @rrza or sign up for the GORN mailing list here:


I promise I won't email you more than 3 times: Once when there's an updated free version, once when the game launches on Early Access, and once when the game is finally released.

I'm all out of beta keys, sorry everyone. But I updated the demo version to make up for it.

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Published274 days ago
TagsFighting, gladiator, Physics, Violent, Virtual Reality, vive, vr
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsHTC Vive


GORN.zip (135 MB)


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Hey Raithza! I was wondering when the full game version will be out on steam(or any other platform) and i also wonders if you have any beta key left or that you could get one for me! i could pay for it and stuff! P.S i really wanna play the beta!

were do you get the newest version???? ty

So I just tried the game and... it's awesome !

Are you going to make a kickstarter or something like that ?

This game is a blast!  Absolutely loved it!

Played it with three friends swapping on and off, had an amazing time coming up with 'gorn' name-based puns.  Gorn with the Wind, get Gorny, Good Gorning, you name it.  Very fun, wonderfully silly.

This is brilliant! Good job man, I love it!!! Cant w8 fot the relese... but pls, PLS make a decent multiplayer - it will be total shame if we cant rip ower friends heads and brake theyr balls... pls man, I'm puting my hopes and dreams in You :D Btw, I work in a VR gaming club - I can see the arena, 4(or more!) people tearing eachother limb from limb!<3... hmm, I'm starting to see whay Rome lastet so long... good entutaiment XD

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So my game constantly crashes whenever it feels like it. It has never done this on the first round but it does it on the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The reason it doesn't crash on the 4th round is because it can't reach it. Any fixes?

Make sure the game isn't fullscreen. That's what caused crashing for me. Could also crash if you have FRAPS running.

Sadly this didn't work and it still basically crashes and just stops responding.

I downloaded it but it is no the up to date version what is wrong?



G'day guys :)

Not sure if you heard, but an update was made to the game that causes the gladiators to cough up blood when you punch them in the balls (among other things). Decided to do a little video on it where the main goal was to punch as many testicles as possible. Definitely one of the best features implemented so far imo lol.

Deleted post

The new GORN isn't working for me. Only starts up on the desktop, with no response from the headset. The old GORN worked just fine -- what gives?

Same here, got it fixed by running it as admin and then it worked like a charm. Hope that helps  :-) 

Didn't work for me. Tried a myriad of things.

Is this game still alive? I love it.

How do you actually open it and play it on HTC VIVE? Do you need Steam? Everytime I open, it says there is a file missing, even though it't there. Any tips? Appreciate it.

Start up SteamVR and then open GORN.exe


Good Game! But I don't think it should be possible to walk through the iron bars

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In the beta you can't do it

I really liked this, it crashed right after i tried to fire an arrow at the cesar guy and the new arrow appeared. It would make more sense to me (on the vive) if you grabbed an held items by squeezing the grip buttons rather than holding the trigger.



can you please put the beta on the demo

Can we share this demo at a public place with our VIVE device?

The game is so great, everyone loves it.

However, the game is out of beta keys.

Are there any restrictions when sharing this demo version?

i want broken WIP

The developer is a great game, but do not you think that it's worth adding complications? Let's say it's easy to leave such stupid bots, and on the complexity of the hard they will fight as a master. And please add new units, for example, masters of martial arts, very fast bots because it will be more interesting to play for the players.

how to get updated version? i want new models so much!

how do I get the updated version? Do I need to re-download the game? Cheers

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IM AM LOVING THIS GAME! It feels so cool to be a virtual gladiator. I wish you will add something in which you can chose the weapons you want to use. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!! p.s. can you add ninja weapons like a katana that slices bodies in half or shurikens? That would make this even better!

Hey why don't you put the beta on the demo ve

I know how everyone asks for a beta key, and i honestly dont want one since the game is awesome, but you said u can make more and sell them, So, why not just post a price for beta key??Also, will this game ever hit steam??

Hey raithza! I Was wondering if you need some promotion? i can make some videos because i get about 13k views for every video! And i can't wait until the game is finally finished and i can buy it and play!





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it works great on the Oculus Rift also. P.S I really hope you put this game up for sale soon raithza I saw on youtube there's a endless mode and a basic campaign mode. Also I like how you chose swinging your arms on the side for locomotion I cant wait to until I can buy it.

Whenever I try to open this game or any other HTC Vive compatible game from itch.io it opens them as if it is a desktop game. I have tried to open them within itch.io, from the game file itself, and also adding the game to my Steam library. Even when I have the HTC Vive headset on and open the game from within the headset it says "Play On Desktop" in which it opens it on the desktop.

Is there a certain way in which to open these games? I am running Windows 7 if that is relevant to this.

Thank You

you need to open steam and start steamvr

I tried that and clicked the "Include in VR Library" under the properties of the game in Steam but it still stays in desktop. I'll try more things later. Thanks though!

Let me give you money for a key, Raithza. I want to play the new version and the free one is already the best free game I've played in longer than I can remember


I guess you can't read. It clearly states at the bottom - "I'm all out of beta keys, sorry everyone." He's out of keys, which means that you cant get one, by paying or by getting one for free.

Oh, wow, you're sure friendly and helpful. Thanks, mister!

Do you even know how keys are made? He can make more and chooses either to not want more users in the beta, or doesn't want to bother with whatever he uses to create more keys. I guess being rude is just your natural reaction to everything?


I've given away more than 500 keys for the game already. I do actually need to charge money for it at some point, if I would like to be able to continue working on it.

Thanks for replying, Raithza. I'll just hold my tongue and wait anxiously for it to hit early access on Steam (or equivalent distribution hub)

Thank you for answering my questions in email, too. I wish more devs took the time to interact with their audience.

ill pay for it

Since the latest update I've had a problem involving the game stuttering and flashing the Steam VR "loading/waiting for" screen when the enemy gladiators get close and start striking.

Didn't know if this was the right place to post this but any help would be appreciated.

is it possible to make a release for like a non-vr Version once this game is fully released (or before it) with like a Player model without htc vive and like Basic pc game Inputs?

i know i was asking this a time ago, but when i asked, i thought you can put the controlls in a HTC vive motion

is it possible to buy a beta key


Hes OUT of keys. Which means that you cant get one, by ANY means. - "I'm all out of beta keys, sorry everyone." - You cant pay for something that hes out of

"You can't get one by ANY means"

You're wrong, to be honest. The dev is in a quandary. He's given away a bunch and can't keep doing that, but he also doesn't feel the game is worthy of charging for, yet. What makes you think a digital key is so hard to create more of, though?

When will the new update be released?


this game name post to be pant the town red vr lol :D

great game!!

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