A downloadable game for Windows

This is a very early prototype of my physics based VR gladiator brawler, working title GORN. You'll need a Vive to play it. Lots of placeholder stuff and lots of jank but you should be able to get an idea of what the game is about.

I really appreciate all forms of feedback, even (especially!) if you didn't like it, so please let me know what you think: @rrza on twitter, or leave a comment here.

The game isn't quite ready for me to make a trailer, but here is a video on youtube of someone playing to give you an idea:

If you want to make a video of yourself playing this, please go ahead I really appreciate it, I'd just also really appreciate it if you mention that the game is a pre-alpha tech demo that is in no way representative of the final game's quality :)

If you would like to keep up with development of the game, you can either follow me on twitter: @rrza or sign up for the GORN mailing list here:


I promise I won't email you more than 3 times: Once when there's an updated free version, once when the game launches on Early Access, and once when the game is finally released.

More information

Published142 days ago
TagsFighting, gladiator, Physics, Violent, Virtual Reality, vive, vr
Average durationA few seconds
InputsHTC Vive
Player countSingleplayer


GORN.zip (63 MB)


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hey, does anybody know a way i could replicate the gore in this game in unreal engine?

#hardwork #dedication


Is it possible you can recreate this game for PC, like no VR needed... I only have Samsung VR and Utopia 360, and only Utopia has some controllers... so I think it would be fun, not as fun as with VR, but still fun to play on PC. Of course, I know it must be hard making these games, so I don't want to be rude and tell you to make sure you make it for PC.

P.S. I saw gameplay, and this game is hilarious. I wish I had a VR to play it :D

there are loads of non vr swordfighting games on pc, have you tried chivalry or die by the sword?

No I haven't, but I will go try them out now... thanks :D

Do you have a release date for this game...an will the game be purchasable through Steam?

no release date yet but hopefully the game will be on early access on Steam in february!

Can I play with oculus touch? I have seen people on youtube playing it

yeah the game works just fine with the touch controllers since thats what i have been using and I have had not problems on my end

First thing first, love the game and secondly I know people say the grabbing is cheap but I would love for you to keep it in the game maybe you could make an option in an options for people to chose if they want to use it. I personally find it fun to pick up my foes and beat them sometimes not all the time but sometime

I've changed it so you can only grab then when they're stunned. Seems to be fine - no more easy outs just grabbing the nearest dude!

At least make it so you can grapple them somehow because if I only have a mace and they have multiple weapons I want to be able to grab their arm or something to be able to kill them easier.

Hey, is there any way I can play this with only one vive contoller? At the end of a level it says to raise your HANDS in victory, and I wish I could raise my one and have it be fine, the other controller btw defaults to be on the ground when not on so I cannot progress.

You can press the trackpad buttons to skip dialogue.


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Hellow~ owo I have spent a good amount of time on Gorn, and I was pretty curious about how it's development is going right now, I'm definitely looking forward it's final release >w<

Keep up the good work~


Oh thank you, I'll keep an eye on it then :P

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I LOVE sling shotting the enemies in your game! When the physics go nuts as you try to pull them apart with both hands, they turn into weapons themselves. Please don't change a thing in that department. Sooooooooo much fun!

Great job


This game looks amazing and wish i could play it but i cant since i don't have VR. Raithza in the future do you think the game will be able to be played with VR OR Keyboard and mouse? If not then is there a way to change the input of the game? VR is too expensive for me and this game looks really fun so i hope you can help.

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There are LOTS of games where you fight with a sword and mouse non-VR! Have you tried Die By The Sword or Chivalry? There are also VR arcades popping up all over the place, if there's one nearby you can ask them to install gorn :)

Please create a way to skip the tutorial levels, I play this game all the time and I know how the weapons work by now.

Sorry if there is a way to skip but I have not noticed.

There isn't, this is only a demo. I wasn't expecting people to play through it more than once!

In my opinion, this demo is better than most games available, ive played it numerous times and probably have the most time logged on it than any other VR game. It has surprisingly high replayability the same thing pretty much never happens.

i just found out that you maked a game called "broforce"

The two games are almost identical, really.


Have you considered using the grip button as a toggle switch for picking up weapons/making a fist?

yes, next version should have that.

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I've been playing this game for months and i've touched into vr developement. I was wondering if you could ever release the script so people could mod it. Either way, this is my favorite vr game EVER!

also, here is a video of me playing it with my friends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWG1MHOkVbE

A Bit of Christmas Gorn!

Here's my new Gorn video with a little bit of Holiday spirit. First time gameplay with the Oculus Touch! :D


make it so you could only grab when they dont have armor on, it would help with the "cheating".

Just did a video on your game. I posted before about how I play it nearly every day. Still not joking.


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I'd suggest some kind of limit on grabbing the enemies. It's fun but completely ruins any challange. Maybe a stamina or the squirm loose or the enemies become enraged. Holding a guy and punching him in the face is great but using him as a weapon is too effective right now.

Actually now that I think about it just make enemies kick enemies away and not damage them. Then you still have fun and can use/throw enemies but have to really use weapons to fight.

Also even though it's a demo please implement a level select to at least beaten levels or just all levels. I played for quite a while and want to finish but don't want to have to leave it running.

I think i have a good idea of making the experiense mutch better!

at first lets start with the arena: I think that u should make it more like a colosseum or something. and i think that u should make it able to move because it feels more like irl then.

gladiators: it feels better if u made a lobby where u can chose weapons and it would be great to be able to save from where u were.

character customization: I think it would be better if u could choose talents and abilities before the game starts, because then u dont have to make a glove that can lift gladiators because then u can make it a talent to lift and throw them in the begining. u should also make a ability that makes it easy to throw stuff like axes and spears and other weapons.

Weapons: axe, rope web that u can throw at enemies that stunns them and trap them. The experiense would be even more fun with a whip!

P.S Love your game!

i have even more things that could be improved, we could discuss them if u want.

Let's get to know our Gladiators!

Some one on one time with the combatants, several dance offs, one handed Warhammer combat, and also contains super titty twisters!!

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