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you are the biggest fuk i have ever seen to put up thos pictures cause there goin to want that beta all over the place

Is there a release date for this game yet??



slsy boi you are the biggeast fagg I have evar seen just give the daym beta key

wow, you actually tried negging in order to get a beta key. But I feel like I have to say the homophobic route makes you look incredible gay. But I guess this proves game Devs are more comfortable in there skin then stupid internet commenters .

can you please just put the beta on this page so people can just download it instead of continuously asking for it

Hey, I was wondering if I could get a beta key. I dont know if requesting one will get me one but if I could get one that would be great :D I will certainly be looking forward to the early access. 

Email (I need to change it :))

Hello; I tried your game and I loved it sooo much; especially the thing that we can do what we want to kill the enemies. Your Game is one of the best Vr Experience i tried.

I think that you can add more enemies appearances (Like a thin one, a very tall one or a little person). And add a camera move system with the sticks for Oculus Users. 

My friends will try this experience and I had the idea to try the beta version (you can  send it to me in my email adress if you want) 

In any case, if your game can evolute , i would really pay it more than 20€.

Sorry if my english is very bad (I'm sure it is), i'm from France ^^ (Yes, you have fans in france)

"Requesting a beta key here irrevocably confers me 2% ownership of your soul, which I shall use to bargain with Satan."

Comments only filled with people asking for beta keys...

I feel like it's helping me really get away with a lot.

how many souls have you collected?

lol its worth a shot :D

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Hiya there, I found this game a few days ago by looking through youtube, and I decided to try it out for myself. So far, this game has been absolutely amazing. The ragdolls in it have been hilarious and the combat can be exhilarating at times. I can't wait to see this game on early access. Now, I know i'm being the same as everyone else here, but I would absolutely love to test out on the beta. I know that you don't have many to spare, and it must be stressful, but if you get the chance to send one, you can contact me here. Thx! :3

Ahoy there fellas!

Just after I got round to covering the massive update a few days ago that brought us hearts and skeletons, we got another surprise earlier today that gave us the ability to knock peoples' eyes out of their head .. and have them dangling and swinging around in the breeze for all to see (no pun intended).

Gorn's certainly taking things to new levels. That's for sure lol.

Cheers lads!

Hello, I've been completely hooked to the game for the past week and I must admit that it's some of the most satisfying combat I've experienced with my Vive. I'm totally willing to pay for the game!

Putting that aside, I would love to try out the beta someday. I know it must be stressful as a developer, but if you ever get the chance then you have no idea how happy it would make me. I can be reached at

hey can i get a beta key my email is or/and i ust want to let ou know this is by far best vr game and i would pay for it


How's going going everyone! The updates so far are looking amazing, and the addition of skeletons to the gladiators is a gruesome, but cool addition. It's really made the deaths that much more satisfying! Great job!

In my video here, I spent probably too much time chiseling away the skin off of one of their faces, it's bloody, and it's fantastic! :D

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Hello again I think that I have thought of a good weapon idea for the future I do know that there is an axe, but what if... You added Tomahawks and I do also know that there are throwing knives from videos on youtube  and I just thought that Tomahawks could be added in future updates. P.S I do not have a Beta Key so if you happen to get any more could you please give me one?  P.P.S. I also think that you should be able to cut the gladiators in half and to give them some more organs than the heart. Hope you have a good day/afternoon.

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this is the best VR Game according to everyone I know please make this a STEAM early access title ! a big part of the vr community is waiting for it and even the demo available here would be enough for it to be a hit

here's my email if there is any hope for a beta key:

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can i please get a beta key this is my favorite vr game to play and would love to play the update of this game is so fun and is all around  amazing  my email is

G'day lads :)

The number of updates that have been rolling out lately are hard to keep up with, but today's is reeeally something special!! We've got skeletons in every model now .. HUGE beating hearts that you can rip out of the gladiators' bodies .. a completely overhauled arena AND, various other small additions like eye articulation and teeth shattering.

As usual, I did a video for those of you that don't have access to the latest build, so here you go! I did my best to cover everything that you're not likely to have seen or experienced already.


Is this update available in the normal download, or only in the closed beta again?

Closed :)


Hi I was just wondering if you will ever get any more beta keys I have loved this game since it had first came out and I would love to try out its new features so if you get any please could you let me know. I completely understand if you don't want to give me one and I hope you have a wonderful day/afternoon. Thank you.


Hey is there any way to pay for a key? I'm totally willing and am sure others are to pay good money for a beta key.

Love the game!

how or were can i buy it


You need to setup it up to where others can buy into the beta, this game is allready leagues better than many other things I've played thus far.

how hard can it be to get more beta keys? can u just slip me one. plz....

G'day lads :)

As some of you may or may not be aware, another update was rolled out on Steam yesterday, including new armor textures, some changes to the arena, new challenges (they work now) and also a new skin to the bow.

I did a video that may be interesting to those of you who don't have the latest version.


Hey, I'm having a bug (?) where I cannot take damage from the enemies.  They'll swing their weapons clear through my body but nothing.  Is there just not a damage mechanic yet, or is this an actual bug I'm encountering?

be happy

Hey there i was wondering if i could have a little look at the beta i have 340 subscribers on youtube and is really interested in this game i would like to record a video on the beta and send more traffic to your game if you are out of beta keys may i have one when you get some more thank you :D



Wheres the update? Also, can you make more beta keys if this new update is a beta

Hey Raithza! I was wondering when the full game version will be out on steam(or any other platform) and i also wonders if you have any beta key left or that you could get one for me! i could pay for it and stuff! P.S i really wanna play the beta!

were do you get the newest version???? ty

So I just tried the game and... it's awesome !

Are you going to make a kickstarter or something like that ?

This game is a blast!  Absolutely loved it!

Played it with three friends swapping on and off, had an amazing time coming up with 'gorn' name-based puns.  Gorn with the Wind, get Gorny, Good Gorning, you name it.  Very fun, wonderfully silly.

This is brilliant! Good job man, I love it!!! Cant w8 fot the relese... but pls, PLS make a decent multiplayer - it will be total shame if we cant rip ower friends heads and brake theyr balls... pls man, I'm puting my hopes and dreams in You :D Btw, I work in a VR gaming club - I can see the arena, 4(or more!) people tearing eachother limb from limb!<3... hmm, I'm starting to see whay Rome lastet so long... good entutaiment XD

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So my game constantly crashes whenever it feels like it. It has never done this on the first round but it does it on the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The reason it doesn't crash on the 4th round is because it can't reach it. Any fixes?

Make sure the game isn't fullscreen. That's what caused crashing for me. Could also crash if you have FRAPS running.

Deleted post

I downloaded it but it is no the up to date version what is wrong?



G'day guys :)

Not sure if you heard, but an update was made to the game that causes the gladiators to cough up blood when you punch them in the balls (among other things). Decided to do a little video on it where the main goal was to punch as many testicles as possible. Definitely one of the best features implemented so far imo lol.

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The new GORN isn't working for me. Only starts up on the desktop, with no response from the headset. The old GORN worked just fine -- what gives?

Same here, got it fixed by running it as admin and then it worked like a charm. Hope that helps  :-) 

Didn't work for me. Tried a myriad of things.

Is this game still alive? I love it.

How do you actually open it and play it on HTC VIVE? Do you need Steam? Everytime I open, it says there is a file missing, even though it't there. Any tips? Appreciate it.

Start up SteamVR and then open GORN.exe


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