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Can you add a feature where we can select the enemy types we can battle in the arena?  I'd really love to have an 'Archer Duel' where its me against 5 archers.

probably not

Can you please make it playable for windows seven

Does it not work on windows 7 ?

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It says on steam that minimum is windows ten

will this game come for psvr pls tell me yes PLS

it works

Howdy fellas :)

A new update rolled out over on steam that's finally rebuilt and fixed both the flail and the giant flail, and now both are legit as heck. The Goliath champion has also had his armour reworked and it looks waaaay better.


This game fucking sucks its not even for windows 7.

shut up asshole this is a good game

make me pepe the frog

G'day lads!

In the spirit of keeping those of you without the game updated on what's new, there's been a new build released that changes up our gladiator's hand model, as well as a few other things (like a HUGE boulder we can use as a weapon!!).

Not the most functional weapon in the game, but it certainly does make for a lot of lols.

Would you be able to make it work on windows seven

Do you think you could make it so that endless mode unlocks weapons? Right now I'm pretty far into the arena, all champions unlocked, but I only have 2 kills with the flail, and it's not the best weapon for the arena imo.

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Is there a definitive reason why all the weapons are floppy? I'm not saying this is a definitively bad thing, just curious. You do get used to it after a bit. But is there any possibility of making the glaive a little bit more rigid? it seems a bit gummier than the rest of the weapons. By the way, I absolutely love this game. Keep up the excellent work. This game is great already, but it has limitless potential. I just want to say thank you for making my new favorite VR game currently on the market.

What engine is this game running on?

Hope y'all are enjoying Gorn since it went live on Steam a couple of days ago :) I know that there are a few of you for one reason or another that aren't able to buy the game, so I'm going to continue sharing update information with you over here so you can keep up with its development even without owning it yourself.

Today I took a look at the most recent update that added a gong, some different underpants and an old new character model, if that makes any sense. The arena also got even more amazing :p


Gorn is a fantastic game, picked it up on steam.  I love it alot.  If you can please add a way when you swipe the pad like in recroom you turn around.  It would be so much easier for people like me who don't have a lot of room.  

GORN JUST GOT LIVE YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What else do you plan to add?

honey badgers

It wouldn't be so bad xDD

the animal or the gun

Is it on touch?

the beta worked fine with touch, but if you look it up on steam it only says HTC Vive, so you can buy it on steam and if it doesn't work well with touch then you can always get a refund

I just bought it for touch and i think it works great! I don't have 360 degree tracking formy oculus so I had to keep that in mind but otherwise it works.

Steam says this will only be working for the Vive. Do you think you will ever add Touch support?

Many touch users have reported that the game works without any issues on touch, however as I don't own a rift myself I can't add official support.

thanks for the info


SO!! In less than 24 hours, Gorn is about to go live on Steam!! In celebration of its release, I decided to do another update video bringing you all up to speed on the final changes made to the game, before you get it in your own hot little hands and BOY OH BOY, are things looking schmick :) Especially the addition of the new Champion Bosses, bringing the current total up to four!

Hope you enjoy it and it satisfies your cravings until Steam releases the hounds tomorrow :p

I've been playing the demo since I've gotten the vive for my birthday and I'm not gonna sleep today because I'ma buy this game at 12 AM thanks raithza for the awesome game!

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Edit: Oops, my bad, didn't see this was VR


Installed and booted up, I just get a screen with some heads talking and nothing works. Tried pressing every button on my keyboard but nothing happens.

start steamvr

Sorry, I was too eager and just installed the game after viewing the screenshots, never bothered to read the description. Don't have a VR headset :)

Hi raithza,

I was wondering if I could have the beta download key for GORN. I would like to make a video on GORN using the HTC Vive. My email address (specially created for matters like this) js "" My youtube channel is right here:



im sorry but i is out of beta keys he now owns 2% of you soul

lost them all in a game of poker :(

welp my soul is dead inside now

i feel like killing myself, i really wanted to test the full version lol

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Just hold on a tiny little longer friend, it hits early access on monday! I promise to leave in tons of broken shit to test just for you!

thanks :D i'm just overly excited, gorn was one of the first vr games i ever played

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well hope its the best shit on the market cause i just got a 25$ steam card also best game ive ever played 100000000000/10 ill give you a real reveiw on the steam page

hope the full version has better peformace and dosent lag as much! also i dont care about the beta keys anymore

G'day lads!

I know a lot of you still don't have access to the latest build, so like I always do, I've put together a cover video showing off all the latest updates that have been rolled as Gorn approaches its official release in just under 2 weeks time.

The game's undergone a massive visual overhaul in what used to be the elevator room, and has now transformed into some medieval castle-like prison thing? It looks phenomenal to say the least. There have also been a few other changes and additions implemented over the past week or so, and no doubt more to come. Oh - did I mention that there are BOSS FIGHTS now?! Yeah. Champion Battles are now a thing.

If anything else cover worthy pops up I'll definitely do another video of it, but for now, I leave you with this.


I have been playing in the private alpha for a while now on and off for the past few months and I have to say, this is coming along really well! The one thing that has impressed me and made me the most excited is that you guys have finally figured out how to handle the chaos better by adding SLOW MOTION COUNTERS!!! Like wow, the first time it happened I didn't realize what had happened but this is hands down the biggest game changer in the combat!!! This finally changes the combat from flailing when you get surrounded to learning how to block and make use of the bullet time advantage!!! Please don't change or remove this feature as it feels amazing to get a good block and then perfect counter attack!

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you think you can add multiplayer my friend isint buying it unless its multiplayer but im buying it no matter what


i was hoping for a no

Deleted post

I would like to know this too.

19,99? dont quote me


can u PLEEEEAAAASSEE update the demo before July!!!

seeing as the full release is coming on july 10 I doubt this, the demo is the demo

im jealous watching this game grow and me not having vr...

i know u were asked this 10.000 times, but do u consider doing an non- vr Version when the game is released?


It won't let me download the game even though I have been able to download all of the previous versions ):

you need beta key

when is the game realleasing in june?

its not anymore, july 10

i know

Woah this game is awesome can i get the beta key wow

You may not, and they now have 2% ownership of your soul. Good job.

just sayin, you can also play on oculus rift I did it

thats because the vive doesnt stop any headset from playing games made for it, like the stupid oculus does. they tryna limit vr before it even gets off the ground

Does end of june mean june 30th?

No, it got pushed to July 10th

did the game get updated or just the pictures of the game?

just pictures

What a tease

hey brother! you think i could get a beta key i've been playing this for sooo long and would love to see the new stuff you've added.

why i can't play this game in htcvive?i can play all the other game but this


For all who is requesting a key or asking the release date. (Who haven't known about it yet) The game is supposed to release in late June.  You can all read more about it in the subreddit:

So just stop complaining about it and wait for about a month.


Hello, what if i requested a beta key before you ran out, how much, if any, of my soul do you own?

Can you please give us a release date

end of june so lets just assume june 30th and be pleasantly surprised if its earlier

game lags uncontrollable when i record

get an NVidia GeForce card!I use Nvidia recordings, and here's my channel! Link:

im thinking about geting new gaming computer radeon fucks me up and i fixed the recording to have better everything  thanks!

yeah, I had a radeon card then I try to run GTA V it removes items, and crashes games.Get NVidia GeForce, everything there, and better texture quality.

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